EU Banking and Financial Regulation

EU Banking and Financial Regulation aims to cover the entire spectrum of EU directives and regulations (more than 60 of them) that we, as practitioners in the field of banking and financial law, have identified as being relevant to EU banking and financial law.

The idea to produce this book was born ten years back as no single textbook covered all of the relevant EU directives and regulations, let alone in an organized and structured manner.

We have therefore classified the EU directives and regulations into subject matters. In each subject matter, the directives and regulations relevant to that subject are introduced and then examined in a way that we hope will appear clear and concise to the reader.

We believe that this book could be very useful to both:

-  legal practitioners, banking and finance professionals, politicians or regulators who need a broad refresher on, or who wish to expand their knowledge of, EU banking and financial law; and  

-  students in both the EU and elsewhere who wish to quickly grasp EU banking and financial law.

We hope the reader will share our passion for the complexities and intricacies of banking and financial services regulation in the EU.

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